Cuba in the eyes of Oscar

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“To know Cuba as a tourist is one thing, to truly live in Cuba, it is another.”
Oscar Rivero. Mexican Journalist of the State of Yucatán, City of Merida
We were sitting watching the voice Spain, we were waiting for the participation of the last contestant. A trio appeared, they would close the program.

These are Cubans! Yuniel said.

Indeed, they were.

The trio put on a party during the program that put the TV presenters to dance and to us, to sing.

There was Aunt Juana, Yuniel and Noel, her best friend. They sang the lyrics of “Black Tears”, they had lost their eyes watching their countrymen triumph; their feet fell again and again on the ground. They looked proud, full of joy, well represented. The song they know very well, the rhythm they carry in their blood.

Maybe they did not realize what they did, I did it. I enjoyed it immensely, I felt truly excited to be in such a situation. I saw them out of the corner of my eye, I listened to them and my skin became enchained. I’m not exaggerating.

Of that there is no photo. And if there was, I would keep it with great zeal.

With all due respect to the people of Havana, even though I have known their rumba side with them, I believe that in Madruga I met the Cubans. Those of that hospitable essence whose nobility to share is impressive. Uncle Efren, the father of Yuniel, is an example of this: a man who gets tired but keeps silent; who works and takes pride; a man admired but humble. The man of the thousand battles, as my friend Yuniel tells him, who by the way follows his example.

I knew the Cubans that in the face of adversity there is ingenuity, from the neighbor who has trained pigeons as if they were dogs, to mechanics who continue to operate old tractors. The Cuban that everyone who surrounds him is a family and that his culture is rooted everywhere, to the Cuban peasant.

To know in the form of a tourist is one thing, to live truly Cuba, is another.

I still have a few days here, I’m enjoying it.

“They are always with you, Cuba, even if it costs them to die.” Sorry for changing the letter.

translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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