Cuba is committed to tourism and Jaruco…?

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The success achieved in the recently concluded International Tourism Fair reaffirms the commitment made by Cuba to tourism as one of the strategic sectors for the Development Plan until 2030.

The results of the same showed the interest and confidence shown by foreign investors in the destination Cuba despite the intensification of the blockade and the promised activation of the third title of the Helms-Burton Act.

Leaders of the Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR) pointed out that a group of buildings, patrimonial spaces and old hotels have been identified throughout the country, which are incorporated into the investor’s plan of said ministry.

Subsequently, through a conciliatory process with the authorities of the territories and conducting a study of each of the proposals, if everything is adjusted to the laws, investment, environmental, including legislation on heritage, then the investment is made.

Within this ministerial strategy to continue betting on the development of tourism has taken into account the growing interest in the modalities of tourism in the city, heritage and culture.

Then I ask myself the following questions: Can the qualities of Jaruco be belittled to insert it in these tourist development strategies?
What is needed to build and implement an economic development project here that contributes to improving living conditions, generating jobs and conserving their local heritage, each time in greater danger of being lost?

Since ancient times those old travelers who arrived at the County City did not overlook, that within its modest physiognomy, it highlighted the beauty of the landscape and the benefits of its climate and waters.

Today all foreigners who visit Jaruco, even within its unfortunate physical-environmental aspect, distinguish its architectural heritage and the environment of its historic center, often referred to as the possible Trinidad of Mayabeque.

To this, the scenic and recreational potentials of the Park Escaleras de Jaruco, its proximity to the Camping site facilities and the hotels located on the north coast of the province are added.

The town of the old zugar mill “Camilo Cienfuegos”, (Hershey), and its electric rail network -unique of the country- as well as the rich history of sugarcane cultivation and sugar production in the region, is other elements that would favor the linkages productive, keys for the takeoff of the economy.

The benefits of an adequate management of tourism management in the entire world are recognized, where many small towns and even entire countries support their economic development in the so-called industry without chimneys.

I think that despite the risks and limitations of the country in financial matters, it is imperative but betting on the development of tourism in Jaruco.

Several years ago in each municipality of the province – perhaps this had a national scope – an Integral Development Plan was drawn up that contemplated the economic trend or “vocation” feasible by regions or territories, as well as the geographical, climatic, demographic, historical and cultural, among others

In the specific case of Jaruco, they were identified as areas of “tourist vocation”, the historic center of the municipal capital city, in the Popular Council Jaruco and the Escaleras de Jaruco Park, in the Popular Council of Tumba Cuatro.

I think it was a serious job because it marked a starting point to achieve the desired local autonomy of the territories. But what has happened with the realization of these plans?

What were the existing assurances to materialize them? Why were the deadlines for its execution not met? Was it just a mere planning exercise?
The truth is that for certain reasons, beyond my reach, have not been met.

In my opinion, the most expeditious way to stimulate the local development of the municipality of Jaruco is its insertion in a development project based on the tourist management of its local heritage that combines the modalities of city tourism with that of nature.

This without renouncing the development of other local potentialities which would serve to break the vicious circle of lack of financing
The municipality needs an engine that can confirm the rest of the local economic activities and at the same time make them sustainable.
The municipal authorities should show to MINTUR the real small and medium-scale tourist potential of Jaruco, a territory of limited resources, which requires not an act of charity, but responsible and concrete actions.

We will not be able to be the just and equitable society to which we aspire, if we only promote the development of certain poles and others are sunk in an economic fatalism. The work of the Revolution has shown the opposite.

Everything seems to indicate that Jaruco is out of the plans of national scope, so we will continue with the pretensions of making germinate in the lands of the County City projects that develop it for the good of its people and the country.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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