Dream with cement and sand

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The program of local production and sale of materials of the construction in Jaruco was qualified of unfavorable after the fourteen national evaluations.

In Jaruco, the Program of local production and sale of construction materials does not work well, and the situation is similar to that of other municipalities of Mayabeque. What did happen?

It is not a secret. Although sometimes lack of ingenuity, perseverance and creativity in those who assumed responsibility for the task, there are also well-known concrete obstacles, such as the scarcity of essential material resources, including arid of resistance, steel and cement.

This is a noble program that is committed to social welfare and supports the dream of building that housing suitable for everyone and everywhere, as is contemplated in the recently approved Constitution, as Fidel maintained in History will absolve me, 65 years ago and how it is defended by President Díaz Canel.

But not always with a little you can do a lot. And, as a beautiful social project, almost utopian, many say, it is in my way of seeing a living being that was fertilized in the heat of principles and conceptions with a high added human value, hence its imperfections.

He was born seven years ago and not exactly in the cradle of gold. And it could not be otherwise: this program is another child of a Revolution and a people, eaten away by a too long and cruel blockade that is now sharpened with the approval of chapter three of the Helms Burton Act.

The mission of granting him his own personality and a dress that adjusts to the stature conceived in advance is a real challenge that has us open-eyed, that’s why we still have to do to get it to grow, strengthen and advance faster and better.

Tomás Rodríguez Cabrera, Technical Head of the National Group of the Program of local production and sale of construction materials, helped to reevaluate the activity in a meeting held this May 17 in Jaruco, as a culmination to the inspection of which the municipality was subjected this week.

He said that it is necessary to master the program and plan, while underlining that basic technical knowledge is essential to meet the dosages required in the manufacture (with quality) of the elements that make up a home.
“You have to know what happens every day in each production center, but the check should be done with technical knowledge,” he said. He also stressed the urgent need that results in the current times, the use of the natural resources of each municipality.

In the first four months of the year, Jaruco fulfilled only two of the twelve elements agreed in the plan. The causes are the shortage of the aforementioned resources, which adds the deterioration and insufficient quantity of the boards to make more blocks and with higher quality, just to give an example.

These days the workers of the Local Production Center are committed to repair and manufacture this type of templates, but already face the lack of nails to advance. Although they have two windmills, a block maker and a machine, this equipment breaks continuously because they are not designed for such an intense fire.

A few days ago they received a new mill, but they will have to modify the jibe to achieve the aggregate they need and how they need it. Another problem is that the area for drying the elements (joists, plateaus and blocks fundamentally) has no cover, so if it rains …

They also do not have artificial lighting to start at dawn and overtake the hardest part of the work, before they are punished by the sun and heat. They would like to carry more rubble up there, maybe take the stone of the distant pasture more than ten kilometers away, but without transport it continues being this, a pending task.

All this causes that the productions do not reach the expected levels and the five workers of the center have remained weak the pockets in this year and for similar situations is the independent producer who joined the program two years ago.

In spite of so many inconveniences, Jaruco does not renounce the dream of reversing the deterioration of the housing fund (eight thousand houses evaluated as regular and bad). Nor is the purpose of complying with the 2019 housing plan that conceives 61 houses, four by state and 10 by own effort.

In that bag are the 47 subsidies of the previous year, people who have priority to access the products in the local store of construction materials, a unit that says goodbye to the first quarter of the year with their sales plans unfulfilled.

In the middle of so many clouds, the good news leaps: the specialists of the National Group announced the purchase of small laboratories so that in each municipality the pertinent tests of quality are carried out and thus to go removing stones to the shoes.

The Council of the Administration of Jaruco will allocate part of the fund of one percent to the purchase of a mill and a concrete mixer; they only need to know how and to whom and so, between ideas and good wishes concluded the meeting that ended an evaluation that moved a little away from the formalities to give way to timely and useful reflection on a topic, which as the one of food, are underlined in the political and public agenda of the country.

We have to keep going forward, but together to get away even if it is less rapid. We must squeeze the dreams and so that they do not escape, it is a must to do it, with our feet on the ground that is the moral.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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