Events in Jaruco on March 13, 1957 will be reprinted.

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Jaruco, Mayabeque. This Wednesday from three in the afternoon, Radio Jaruco will once again host the cultural political commemoration for the 62nd anniversary of the events of March 13, 1957, when members of the Revolutionary Directorate stormed the Presidential Palace and the Radio Reloj station.

As it is already traditional, young students of the urban pre-university Captain San Luis will reprint symbolically that unforgettable feat directed by José Antonio Echeverría, said Randy Pérez de la Nuez, first secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Young Communists League.

The youth leader said that the tribute of the young university students of Jaruco to the martyrs of March 13 will also be a reason to entertain the Radio Jaruco collective on the occasion of the 49th anniversary of the plant and will be given recognition to the winners of the National Competition of Child-Youth Program Marina Larrazaleta in Memorian.

The Radio Jaruco collective will also remember the fourth anniversary of the historic visit to the County City of Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, one of the five heroes imprisoned by the empire, on March 13, 2015, after his return to the Fatherland.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero