Farmers and highlighted production units are recognized in a provincial act on May 17.

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Jaruco, Mayabeque. A group of production entities and prominent peasants of the municipality of Jaruco were recognized this Thursday during the celebration of the provincial act on May 17, which was chaired by the members of the Central Committee of the Party, Yanina de la Nuez Aclich, first secretary of the Party in Mayabeque and Rafael Santiesteban Pozo, president of the National Association of Small Farmers.

In the act, celebrated in Melena del Sur received the status of National Vanguard Miriam González Ramírez and Antonio José Méndez Abreu of the Cooperative Noelio Capote, Luis Miguel Enríquez Acosta of Rómulo Padrón, and José Rigoberto González of the Cooperative of Agricultural Production Benito Juárez, who also received the 60th Anniversary seal of the ANAP.

During the celebration of the Day of the Peasant in Mayabeque a group of Anapist collectives of the province received the condition of National Vanguard, the Cooperative of Agricultural Production Benito Juárez and the Credits and Services Rómulo Padrón and Noelio Capote, of the municipality of Jaruco, the CPA Pedro Rodríguez Santana, from Quivicán and Elio Miguel Valdés, from Melena del Sur, this last site of the commemoration.

The Anapist meeting culminated with the commitment of the Mayabeque peasants to redouble efforts in the production of food to the people, in response to the country’s top management, and to maintain the categorical rejection of Title Three of the Helms Bulton Law, imposed by the Government of the United States.


Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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