Fidel in the woman of these times

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“The Revolution has a real army in Cuba today, an impressive political force, and that’s why we say that the Revolution is simply invincible.”
Fidel Castro

One of the most renovating issues in the field of social policy that drives the Cuban Revolution is and will always be the recognition of the role of women, described by Fidel as “a Revolution within the Revolution.”

Historically, destined to the reproductive functions and the care of the family and children, the woman was little valued in her potentials to influence and decide on the social life of the country, circumstance that changed when the island was embraced by the ideals of the undefeated Commander in Chief, faithful defender of women.

Today there are plenty of elements that demonstrate the skills of Cubans in shaping nationality; from direct participation in the battlefields to the fight for equality and the examination of their political and constitutional rights.

With his visionary thought and his actions, our Commander in Chief Fidel Castro always managed to dignify this population group which he endowed with rights and duties, while placing them alongside men in the tasks to be performed.

For years it has been. The dimension of Fidel’s legacy increasingly enhances the Cuban woman, who learned to be united, to share what she has, to love what she is. Also to be dignified, sacrificed and virtuous in any circumstance that life imposes on him.

From Fidel the women learned that patriotism that characterizes them and that desire to cultivate, despite the stones on the road, solidarity, Mambisa fierceness and dignity.


Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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