First call for subsidies closes on May 13 in Jaruco

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Jaruco, Mayabeque. When only a few hours remain before closing the first call of 2019 for the delivery of subsidies to natural persons, 88 requests were formalized in the Housing Directorate of Jaruco.

Until Monday, May 13, those interested in receiving the benefits of this policy may register with their identity card, personal request and a photocopy of the property of the updated property.

Bárbara Reyes Sardiñas, First Specialist of the Department of Housing Development, stressed that the owner must be presented personally or his legal representative in the case of physical disability or other disability.

They can apply for subsidies for the construction or repair of homes by their own efforts, the owners, usufruct or tenants, as well as owners of land or with perpetual right to the surface.

From now on, it is the responsibility of the Municipal Housing Director to present the files to the Council of the Municipal Administration, in charge of approving or denying the applications.

As established in this policy implemented since 2012, the competent authorities have 70 working days to issue the results that must be publicly disclosed.

Jaruco has so far with more than 150 thousand pesos to support the subsidy program, an amount that should be increased gradually.

Among the requests that are settled in this first call, 64 other requests that were pending from previous stages are included.

In this year the control and the demand in the fulfillment of this idea conceived to improve the housing conditions and offer an adequate house to those who need it the most, as dictated by the constitution, is redoubled, hence the importance of better meshing the bureaucratic mechanisms in the competent local entities, from Housing to the Shop of construction materials.

The aid granted by the State can amount to eighty-five thousand pesos in the case of a basic cell, and from now on the challenge is to accompany the subsidized, as President Díaz Canel warned.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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