Helping to dream

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The birth of the granddaughter alerted her sleeping angels, and since then she has been an exercise in her imagination, inspiration in her mind and wings in her hands. That’s how Juan Carlos Arián de la Nuez discovered his other self, the artist.

The biggest impulse came to the man of just over 50 years of age, when the little girl started preschool at the Latin America Primary School, in Jaruco, in September 2018.

At that time in the classroom the model of a house was missing. So he set to work with the will, not only to support teacher Dunia Sánchez, but to breathe dreams into boys and girls.

Juan Carlos says that it took about twenty days to do it. With a cardboard box, colored papers, plastic and cloth scraps, scissors and white glue, he created the miniature home that any infant longs to have.

Motivated by the acceptance of the model, he made later and also with similar materials, a refrigerator, furniture and other colorful toys that cheer, entertains and contributes to the profession of teaching and educating in various institutions of Jaruco.

Although he has not yet assessed the possibility of exhibiting his crafts, this empirical artist manages to perfect his skills no less, than through the Art Attack program, broadcast on Cuban Television.

Today, when the new school year is about to begin, his hands and forces concentrate on doing what is most needed: painting, repairing, ordering and renovating his granddaughter’s classrooms and school, where they demand his presence and where, for luck, I found out.

I hardly know him, but just look at the delicacy of his works to recognize the great creative spirit of this man who leaves us with his story a very simple message: there is no better academy for art, than the impulse of the heart.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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