Legalization process of housing began in Jaruco

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Jaruco, Mayabeque. From May 27, the process of legalizing housing began in Jaruco, according to the provisions of agreements 8574 and 8575 approved by the Council of Ministers this year.
Oscar Tellechea Duany, Municipal Director of Housing, said that an informative mural was already placed in the headquarters of this entity with the specificities contemplated by the new regulations.

For more information, the population can call 47 86 44 61 to the specialist Diana Romero Alegre from eight in the morning and until four thirty in the afternoon, at the Municipal Department of Housing.

Luis Alberto Dominguez Dominguez, legal specialist of Housing in the territory, stressed that the procedure to acquire property titles will be made in conjunction with the Municipal Directorate of Physical Planning.

He reiterated that not everything can be legalized because the real estate must comply with the territorial and urban regulations set forth in Jaruco.

He also pointed out that advancing the legalization of housing does not mean that from now on the illegal construction will be given the green light.

Hence, those who execute constructive actions to build a house without the required permits will be fined and penalized as established by law.

The new housing regulations will benefit more than a hundred families living in real estate without legal formality, 84 tenants, among other cases of usufructuaries and occupants of linked dwellings.

Likewise, those completed by the State or by their own efforts will be contemplated in the process, the inhabitants of the state premises, while the transfer to the housing sector of eleven government buildings located in the territory will be favored.


Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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