Long live Cuba, my friend!

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On the hot afternoon of this Sunday I decided to go into unknown Havana of suburbs, bars and canteens. It was not my goal to do national tourism, just to accompany an already dear Mexican journalist colleague, Oscar Rivero. We walked, from the ostentatious Parque Central Hotel to later reach the popular and always obligatory Calle Obispo.

Obispo, what luck or fear, I still do not know, to have met you at night! As my compadre from Mexico says … I’ll leave you there!

We arrived at the Bodeguita del Medio after so many proposals in Obispo. “Two chelas!” asked the young Oscar, 26 years old. That is, two beers. I played a septet in the Bodeguita del Medio … “The room of Tula”, “Dos Gardenias”, “La Guantanamera” … and in that coming and going of songs and tips I realized that the only Cuban tourist was me.

Beside me drinking Mojito, two Americans celebrating in a big way, to my left four from Madrid, from the other side of the musical group several Puerto Ricans, and suddenly when we were going through the second round of chelas, we were joined by three Venezuelans.

I, scared among so many foreigners. My Mexican friend Oscar told me … I love Cuba! When those who were there knew that I was Cuban … what a surprise I had. Everyone around me hugged me just because I was CUBAN. His many expressions …

Cuba is the best! Long live Cuba and Venezuela! The Venezuelans were screaming, while the Americans repeated to me in Spanish, we always came to Cuba, my friend.

I ended up smiling in La Bodeguita del medio, ah and sober huh. But I left the emblematic place satisfied that my Cuba, beautiful and dear, is the preferred one. Cubans are simply a part of the human species that we make ourselves feel, that we make vibrate and we always reach out to those who come from far away.

This time my friend from Mérida, Oscar, said goodbye to me saying, I’m leaving, but I’m back!


Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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