On the target of the heart

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How satisfying to pause to observe the effort of decades of work! If the result was worth it, the heart is shaken and the eyes are covered with tears. That emotion was felt in his own flesh, the Jaruqueño Clemente Nardo Brito Álvarez, when on the morning of this eleven August he was granted the distinction of Honorary Member of the Cuban Federation of Sports Hunting (FCCD).
The deserved recognition responds to the more than three decades at the head of the Skeet Shooting Range, in Jaruco, located on the outskirts of the County City and the only one of its kind in western of Cuba.

Nardo, as everyone calls this jaruqueño, synthesized in a few words his emotion and gratitude: “Having this shooting range, and keeping this Municipal Branch in operation, is the effort not only of mine, but of many colleagues who started with me this idea and many who keep it today. It is also the battle against many people who at one time wanted to extinguish this space of fellowship, socialization, recreation, but that in addition to the passing of the years was a training site for several shooters who have represented us in national and international leaders. ”

Clement at 83 years old, he has overcome several health problems with the aim of keeping sport hunting active in Jaruco and other municipalities of Mayabeque. Only a year ago he lost the vision of his right eye, but still, he made his accurate shots to the plates thrown by the first machines of the side towers of the Shooting Range.

But this Sunday, August 11, not only was the news made public for Nardo as FCCD Member of Honor. Almost at the end of the delivery of such distinction it was learned that the Skeet Shooting Range, of Jaruco, will be completely restored together with three others located in the provinces of Villa Clara, Camagüey and Holguín, which, in addition to their social purpose, they will be the training center of the National Team of that sport modality.

The applause and the voices of jubilation from the more than 300 present did not delay, once the information was released, and once again the uncontrollable tears came to the eyes of the octogenarian Nardo.

The afternoon ended up recalling those Saturdays and Sundays years ago, when members of the Jaruco Hunters Club, fired at the plates.

They will return to Nardo and to the people of Jaruco on weekends with the echo of the cartridge rifles, and then the smell of gunpowder intermingled with that of the Escaleras de Jaruco will come again, to the target of their heart.


Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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