Outstanding management of the non-state sector in Jaruco

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Jaruco, Mayabeque. Quality is consolidated as the hallmark of the self-employed workers of Jaruco, where at the end of March more than one thousand natural persons approved to exercise various activities.
The gastronomy of the non-state sector gains space and consolidates in popular taste what is evident in the 60 coffee shops and a smaller number of restaurants that stand out for the excellence of the cuisine and the good treatment of the people.

Clara Salgado Martínez, Chief of the Municipal Department of Attention to Self-Employment, said that the modality with the highest growth to date is the messenger with 127 licenses granted.

The number of dressmakers, tailors and masons was also increased in the non-state labor market, while at the same time improving the work of the assistants for educational attention and child care.

The specialists of the Municipal Work Directorate also highlight the efforts of self-employed workers in the repair and maintenance of premises leased to the State, despite the limitations of material resources.

They also praised the beauty and elegance of private establishments that remain in the preference of customers and are already emblematic of the County City, such as restaurants El Libanés, La Glorieta and Chu-chu-wah.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero