Pioneers of Jaruco renowned deserved homage to José Martí on the 124th anniversary of his death.

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Jaruco, Mayabeque. Pioneers of the secondary school, Frank País of Jaruco, paid a well-deserved tribute to José Martí, National Hero of the Republic of Cuba, in special morning on the occasion of the 124th anniversary of his fall in combat.

Simple verses and poems of the Most Universal of all Cubans were not lacking in the evening, as well as his vision on the expansionist interests of the United States.

The phrase Martiana ” grafts the world in our republics; but the trunk must be that of our republics” was present in the homage to Martí, at a time when the United States is trying to destabilize the Cuban government and people with the imposition of chapter 3 of the Helms Burton law.

On Monday, the pioneers of the FranK País secondary school in Jaruco, expressed their rejection of the laws and threats of the Donald Trump government and urged the people to march united as the silver in the roots of the Andes to together overcome the economic, commercial and financial blockade on the Greater Antilles and its extraterritorial policy in different parts of the world.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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