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Un tilín mejores of the Havana Club Ronera San José
Because they did not freeze the joy, they did not stay by the side of the road, they did not reserve a quiet place in the world, there were many more good news that filled the blank page of this journalist.

In a world where the terrible thing absorbs the headlines, stumbling upon Un tilín mejores five years ago has been like a kind of reunion with the most beautiful of life and people.

This community social project, with many more attributes than those approved in our language, was presented on my way as an idea that drove a group of workers from the Havana Club Ronera San José. But my muses were alert: that was something else.

Rather it was a kind of kindness movement that managed to be formed on February 14, 2014, carrying as a flag the precept defended by Mother Teresa de Calculta: “Sometimes we feel that what we do is just a drop in the sea, but the sea would be less if it lacked that drop “.

And that is how they moved me, doing good to others. In his peephole was the helpless, the sick, the needy, and thanks to the good marksmanship of those men and women, despair and fear fell like flies under their bullets of tenderness.

Some are economists; others taste the aromas and flavors of Havana Club and most keep in motion the plants where the exquisite dark rums that travel the world are elaborated, bottle and aged. Those are the human ingredients of Un tilín mejores.

They are all workers who remember the cigar workers of Marti in Tampa and Key West: equally dreamers and rebels, with the same passion and the same desires to serve, to surrender, to relieve the world of indifference, apathy and selfishness.

In the midst of their occupations and despite these, they spend time learning and teaching to understand autism and women mutilated due to breast cancer or violence, but they also insist on the responsible consumption of alcohol where they produce and disseminate it.

For all that and above all things, because they believe with the innocence of a child and the stubbornness of an old man in that the salvation of any evil is simply to be a better dick, ended up convincing me that being good is the best job.


Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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