Praise to two teachers of Jaruco: Tere and Ceci

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In our lives there are people who arrive and stay forever. Many of them are the ones who prepare us for life, those who unknowingly come to spend more time with us than our own family.

I mean our teachers because these two women came to stay in the lives of those little beings that today end an important stage of their lives, the preschool.

When we saw Tere for the first time, many of us were impressed by her strong character, her rectitude, her direct way of saying and facing the days with her disciples.

Of course, we understood in this course that it is over, that Tere should not be otherwise. This woman with a beautiful smile and a lot of elegance is also the one who defends educates and cares for her children.

Thank you, Tere, for your hours and hours of patience and dedication, because thanks to you, today our children begin to prepare for life.
Thank you for overcoming battles, for making them understand and for initiating you on the difficult path of understanding and knowledge.

But in this arduous task of educating and teaching, another important woman is also the protagonist, our beloved Ceci, the preschool assistant.

Cheerful always, playful, with a beautiful smile and a friendly face receives children every day, and believe me that it is appreciated because we know from our homes or work centers that our children and grandchildren are in good hands.

Affection is a feeling that can not be bought, much less imposed, that is why each one of us is satisfied with the work of Tere and Ceci, for them, admiration and respect.

That’s why today, when the end of a hectic but successful school year comes, we are happy that our children and grandchildren finish happy and satisfied. And most importantly, they leave with a huge message. Thanks for all teachers. Tere and Ceci preschool children love you.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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