Project of Jaruco excelled in the XII Edition of the Archived Pupil

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Jaruco, Mayabeque. The specialized criticism of eastern Cuba praised the actions of the ARTE-Community Innovation, Development and Research Project for the development of the visual education of the elderly, from the town of San Antonio de Río Blanco, in Jaruco.
The recognition came after their participation in the National Day of Performance and Urban Intervention: The Archived Pupil, convened by the Visual Arts section of the Hermanos Saíz Association (AHS) held from May 23 to 27, in Las Tunas.

They presented the artistic installation, Renacer in the Vicente García Park of the capital of Las Tunas, and the performative dance, Anónimos Letrados in the Buena Vista Community, as the only participants of Mayabeque, said the coordinators of the Project, Msc. Yadán and Yadián Hernández Ojeda.

They pointed out that, “the artistic action focused on older adults with emotional problems and disorders that can lead to suicide; but thanks to the project they recognize that they can be useful to the community.”

On the other hand, the performing dance Anónimos Letrados was held on Sunday 26 at the base of the Tanque Buena Vista Community, as part of the space Convergencias.

There, 10 dressed performers moved by the rhythm of an underground Rap instrument audition were given the task of satirizing the current era, denoting informality, incoherence, violence and the discordance of people who tend to manifest aggressive and disrespectful attitudes in the actual society.

The work, from conceptualism and action art, aims to call communication, unity and respect among individuals; be these or not recognized or simply anonymous.

To emphasize that such representation counted with the participation of renowned artists such as the composer and troubadour Roly Berrío, the troubadour Amaury del Río, the Msc. Sincro, the writer Andrés Borrero and the visual artist and writer Saimy K. Torres.

The members of the San Antonio de Río Blanco project thanked the AHS Las Tunas for the good organization of the event and all the artists who contributed to the success of this edition of La Pupila Archivada, a space that is already distinguished in the country by his work in pursuit of development and artistic and cultural exchange.

They also recognized the special performance of the Master of Generations of Jaruco, Delnerio Ancheta Niebla, and the support of Antonio de la Cruz Torres Pita, on behalf of the Agrarian University Fructuoso Rodríguez Pérez (UNAH), of Mayabeque.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero


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