Projects to protect endemic species from Escaleras de Jaruco are applied

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Jaruco, Mayabeque. The Group of Conservation of Protected Natural Landscape (NPP) Escaleras de Jaruco, puts into practice several of its scientific projects to promote the preservation of species of flora and fauna in the area.

Initially they concentrate the efforts in Flora and Reforestation, Invertebrates, Surveillance and Protection to mammals like the jutías conga and carabalí, Reptiles and bats, precise Yucivyn de Sequeira, Technician in Environmental Education of that entity.

The specialist stressed that educational audiovisual packages are also being disseminated, including a multimedia that illustrates the environmental work carried out at the Blas Roca Calderío elementary school in the Escaleras de Jaruco community.

The PNP Escaleras de Jaruco is recognized by the diversity of endemic species such as the partridge pigeon, arriero, Sijú cotunto, Sijú platanero, tocororo, cartacuba, green carpenter and among the bijiritas: candelilla, climber and common.

Currently, its inclusion in the National System of Protected Areas (SNAP) is processed for the richness of its flora and fauna, the beauty of its landscape and the existence of historical cultural sites such as the Cuevas de Aguirre, the Yagruma and the Eagle.


Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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