Radio and Television of Santa Cruz del Norte… partying

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La Voz del Litoral waltz.
Today, August 22, the family of the radio in Cuba celebrates the 97th Anniversary of the creation of this magical means of communication. But a collective celebrates this day twice, the sister and young broadcaster, “La Voz del Litoral”, from Santa Cruz del Norte that arrived at its onomastic number 15.

This community plant that tells the reality of that coastal territory of fishermen began with a few filmmakers, who had the support of professionals from other stations in the province in an effort to train colleagues who feel their own small station nestled in the third floor of the old boulevard of Santa Cruz.

Amparo Álvarez, director of La Voz del Litoral, recognizes the exemplarity of the staff of sound producers, broadcasters, program directors and journalists, who through sound images reach the Santa Cruz families telling stories, informing and entertaining.

In these 15 years there have been many challenges; special coverage before the arrival of cyclones and hurricanes, severe storms, floods, recognition of workers in that highly industrialized municipality, and highlighting the most authentic of its culture, history and tradition.

Telemar, a television signal that grows
Santa Cruz del Norte is one of those municipalities of Mayabeque privileged to also have a local television channel, “Telemar” available on Channel 42, in the afternoon of the weekends to bring to its viewers informative compendiums and entertainment spaces for the enjoyment of all household members.

In the last six years I have the good fortune to be a member of several groups of Telemar programs, and precisely from that experience I can attest that true professionals grow in the face of adversity.

If one day this chronicler was asked where he learned to do television, without regard, I answer … on the Santa Cruz del Norte channel, because every week is a new adventure in search of a high demand television product and at the height of any space national reach
So the old saying goes … “he who perseveres, triumphs.” Not for pleasure, recently Channel 42, Telemar, was the best telecentre in the Mayabeque province as the prize for the collective effort to those who create and design spaces with the most incredible tools and materials … in short, to those who work with their hearts and thinking about viewers.

La Voz del Litoral and Telemar, the same end.
From a piece of the northern coast of Mayabeque, the radio and television signals will continue to be dotted with sea salt, aged by the nearby aroma of Cuban rum and always transmitting the sound and image of the waves.


Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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