Radio Jaruco reached six awards in Online Festival Ultrasonido

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Jaruco, Mayabeque. The six awards received by Radio Jaruco in the Online Festival Ultrasonido held in Las Tunas from March 13 to 16 confirm the talent and creativity of the journalists and filmmakers of this community radio station of Mayabeque.

The Golden Age of Anelis Díaz González, classified as the best children’s program, while in that same space, Arnay Acosta Machado excelled in musical and sound performance, and Yuniel Rodríguez Chávez won in the category of best performance.

At the hands of Yuniel, who is also a journalist, director and screenwriter went to stop two other prizes with the cultural program, Una golondrina en las Escaleras de Jaruco and the radio documentary, Personas que mueven al mundo.

In the journalistic genre section, Silvia González Hernández took the prize with the commentary, Cultural activities that erase our culture, thus closing the participation of Radio Jaruco in the third edition of the Online Festival Ultrasonido, in which more than 700 works of Cuban radialists participated.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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