Scheduled in San Antonio de Río Blanco 26 assemblies of accountability of the Delegate to its constituents

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Jaruco, Mayabeque. The popular council of San Antonio de Río Blanco is ready to begin this Tuesday, October 15, the Second Process of Accountability of the Delegate to its Electors, corresponding to the corresponding to the XVII term of the Local Government.

It will open with the first assembly of constituency 20, which must be attended by more than 150 voters and will be held at eight o’clock at night on the eleventh avenue of that town.

Juan Jesús González Ayala, president of the Popular Council of San Antonio de Río Blanco, said that in that town 26 meetings of neighbors are planned to be held between 15 and 28 this month, meetings that must be attended by representatives of the Government and of the Board of Directors (CAM), of Jaruco.

He said that the meetings between delegates and voters will be held at 7 pm at Vista Alegre and at the Camilo Cienfuegos Special School, while the one planned at the Finca, El Conde will be at six in the afternoon.

The accountability process will begin with historical approaches such as the creation of a new butcher shop in the La Chiquita winery, the repair of the vials of the 15th avenue.


Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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