Second phase of the Integral study of production soils will be presented in Jaruco

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Jaruco, Mayabeque. The second phase of the integral study of productive soils of Jaruco, will be presented next July in the Municipal Forum of Science and Technology (CITMA), and the research is carried out by the agronomist Luis Pérez Pérez.

This proposal will show the results of analyzes carried out in the Jaruco lands that are destined to the cultivation of grains, within the Local Agricultural Innovation System.

It will also illustrate the elements of Science and Technology used by the producers of this scheme to recover the properties of the soils destined for years to livestock and the sowing of sugarcane.

The also specialist of the Agriculture Directorate in Jaruco, will also talk about the sustainable management of soils, Genesis and Classification, Geomatics applied to soil science.

Fertility of soils and plant nutrition, and Technologies for the management and conservation of soils with desertification and degradation produced by climate change, are other topics of this research.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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