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The volumes of wall elements are raised gradually, from the local production of construction materials in Jaruco.

When the month of August of this year declined, in Jaruco the local production of construction materials took a positive turn, after more than two years of intermittences and setback.

Yerobis López Rodríguez Technical Head of the UEB

The move of equipment, resources and men in charge of work to an area of better conditions was the first step.

But the best omen for the future of this program in the municipality is the fact that the local center known as, El Ajauco, was integrated into a basic unit, the Northern Local Production Center of Mayabeque, also formed by the centers of the municipalities , Santa Cruz del Norte and Madruga, the latter with better results in the task.

“The youth begins to insert them in this world,” said Yerobis López Rodríguez Technical Head of the UEB, who stressed that this is how they begin to gain in the labor force.

“We are already producing around three hundred blocks a day and we expect to reach twenty joists and sixty sheets each day, which would allow us every three days to cover a case of subsidy of those pending in the municipality.”

Although the cement supply finally stabilized from August 27, new strategies are also applied in order to take advantage of the potential of the province, and quoted, “At this time, sand is extracted from a natural quarry in Pipian, Madruga, and that will lower costs.”
Of three mills, one works and the remaining ones will start walking, said the young specialist, and explained that they will momentarily move more powerful equipment to this place to better grind the granite, a key additive to produce blocks, which is so far the line stronger in Jaruco.

The resistance sand that they now use and whose quality is tested in laboratories is extracted on the Isle of Youth.

A bump in the task of producing wall elements is still the shortage of wood to make new boards, hence they manage with their own means to rescue those they have.

This same weekend, said the Technical Chief, they will complete the roof of the production area, which will humanize the work and will be reversed in the ideal drying of the blocks, joists and sheets.

“We are now analyzing the potential of independent producers that Jaruco could have. There is a man in the Escaleras de Jaruco community that could be strength in the production of granite slabs. In the next few days we will deliver the resources,”he announced.

On the very thin tariffs of the elements derived from the local production, he pointed out, “New cost tokens are being reworked, for example, the forty-fifteen block is being paid only at forty cents a unit.”

“Now the average salary is around 300 or 400 pesos, but we are interested in earning 800 or thousand pesos. However, we are going to pay them what they are capable of producing. ”

López Rodríguez called the Jaruqueños who have the will and knowledge to join local production, while emphasizing:
“What we have left now is to work to raise production and thus increase wages that are low, and that is why state construction has lost so many adherents.”

In the opinion of the workers, with the relocation of the local production center of Jaruco they won because they have the indispensable minimum conditions to assume the hard work, such as drinking water, food and shade, to which a module of clothing and footwear is added they received recently.

Omar Darias Hernández, director of the newly created UEB

And as to defend the principle of doing more and better to rebuild the housing fund and renovate the construction infrastructure of the old County City, the surrounding communities and settlements, Omar Darias Hernández, director of the newly created UEB, said that today they have the necessary human and material resources, including the steel that was so scarce.

“People think not, but a daily house is possible, especially in Jaruco where a study by a group of geologists, demonstrated the natural potential of the municipality. What is needed is to organize the work, and to work. ”

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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