The anti-racism, a utopia

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Are we really the most intelligent species in the world? Still living in a moment of technological and scientific development never seen before, do we work to maintain the balance between human beings in society?

Somewhat conceptual questions, true. At least for those of us who suffer the hardships of weak minds, these are questions that strike and worry.

Let’s go to the specific fact, racism. Yes it is practiced, sometimes unconsciously when in the popular Cuban slang we hear say … ¨Black bad spoken; black thick-lipped; you have the hair of a “jabá”; “What kind of white was spoiled in the body of that brown”; or “it had to be…. if it doesn’t do it at the entrance, it does it at the exit.” These and many other phrases discriminate and lacerate the integrity of people of different races.

Now, the saddest thing is that people of all ages fall into these behaviors, and in the case of children they learn within the family to maintain those positions.

Unfortunately, anywhere in Cuba and despite advances in social equality, offenses against those considered to be of a lower race continue to be heard.

The expletives sometimes can come disguised as jokes of very bad taste, by the way, but that cause discomfort and low self-esteem in those who receive them, although it also triggers anger which can end in worse ills, as have happened.

Where do I want to go with this comment, then to human improvement … as the Master exposed. It hurts to break the love for others, regardless of whether it is of the black race or the white race; It hurts that two children do not play at this time together for those same prejudices …

We must talk about anti-racism but not in a low voice among ourselves, but to express its true essence and put it into practice at work, in the bus, at home, at school and not as something mechanical, but as a spontaneous action.

Let’s speak in one language, that of being better people every day, because as Martí said: “Man is more than white, more than mulatto, more than black…. Man has no special right because he belongs to one race or another: Say man and all rights are already said. ”


Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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