The happy day that has arrived

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A clear morning and a bright sun opened the day of September 2, as if nature also seemed to beautify the exact date of the beginning of the school year in Cuba: the most beautiful day of the Fatherland.
With their gleaming uniforms thousands of children, teenagers and youth marched to their schools. And there were many hands and wills that came together, in frank fight against the clock, so that the students will not be truncated the illusion of releasing a new trousseau in such a significant moment.

As unforgettable postcards the images of the reunion with friends, with teachers and school for many were inscribed, while for others the moment was butterflies in the stomach because they entered a new institution where they could already glimpse the future.

The beginning of the classes is still adorned with emotions because the most important things like school, the teacher and the essential to teach and learn are not lacking, despite so many economic and financial difficulties.

The validity is the desire that assists Cubans to keep alive and young the cult village project that Marti dreamed, which Fidel promoted and that we continue to write by force of perseverance and passion among all and for the good of all.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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