The Helms-Burton Law will not take away the sleep of Cubans

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Once again the government of the United States, now led by Donald Trump, dusts up the archives to try to destabilize the Cuban government and people with absurd laws and threats.

These days he activates the Third title of the Helms-Burton Law against Cuba, despite the great national and international rejection of this hostile policy based on the desire of the American bourgeoisie, which today claims its properties before 1959 to take advantage of the Caribbean island and get rich at the expense of Cuban families.

Those who left more than half a century ago, for fear of the uniformed people who came in the Granma and then came down from the Sierra. They are the same ones who abandoned everything when justice arrived with Fidel, who considered that a better world was possible.

Know the imperialist gentlemen that Cuba does not need a law for the freedom and democratic solidarity of its people because it is a socialist and internationalist country, and it is the people who make decisions to chart their future.

Fidel’s ideas live today in every good man who firmly defends the conquests of a revolution that built schools, hospitals and scientific centers in favor of the working class.

The activation of the Third title of the Helms-Burton Act will not take away the sleep of the Cubans, owners of this land that saw them being born and are makers of their own destiny.

Before the interventionist threats the response of the Cubans, today led by their president Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, does not wait because they will never be able to block ideas and solidarity among the peoples, those who fight for a world of peace as the great treasure that all will be owner.

The Helms-Burton Act constitutes an obstacle to the development of the Greater Antilles because it intends to continue and reinforce the US embargo on Cuba.

But remember the imperialists that the revolutionaries do not bend over, nor do we believe in threats. If once we won in Girón, we will do it again because the tranquility and security of a town is something that has no price.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero