The success of working together

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The plant of Carbonate of Calcio Roberto Coco Peredo deserved the condition Nacional Vanguard of Mayabeque

The same workers and with a joy identical to last year, embellished an event held this July 17 in the Base Business Unit (UEB) Calcium carbonate plant “Roberto Coco Peredo”, of the Western Mining Company (Group GEOMINSAL).
And it is there that once again shone, next to the Cuban one, the red flag with the words, Colective Nacional Vanguard.

So, between the solemn of the moment, a special enjoyment shone between the men and women that without caring the noise, the dust and the crying sun, dawns before the sun in the mine Colina to tear to the earth the carbonate of the country’s purest calcium.

This kind of prize that today embrace again, was fertilized more than five years ago when a wise Engineer arrived at Coco Peredo to occupy the position of director, but who ended up becoming the leader and the friend of that troop: Rolando Ernesto Tápanes.

From that moment, the 47-year-old man imposed himself, as a mission of life or life, reorder and adjust all the human, financial and technological gear of that plant, which he could turn into his home and that of his people. (He does not know if it’s his first or second home)

That’s why today, when people talk about doing different things to save the economy and improve the purchasing power of workers, for Tápanes that is a well-trodden path, but one that continues to study and perfect.
In this chapter of the work, he confesses, his collective is heading towards the most necessary horizons, those of export.

“At this moment we are already mounted in twelve million pesos, in 2018 we made that amount, and this year at the end of June we accumulated 10 million pesos. It means that this year we are going to close with 18; we are talking about growing by six million from the previous year. ”

“We are already in five thousand pesos of average salary, last year was 2800, and we are already celebrating the production of lime and the first exports for next year that is the most important step we have taken.”

“We are talking about sales that have been made in the Special Development Zone Mariel, and that sales continue in the oil companies.”

“But there we are managing three new projects: two of glass and one of paint, the latter is already underway.”
“We also have the possibility of exporting calcium carbonate and zeolite to different countries such as Brazil and Germany in Europe.”

“We already did the Zeolite run (we have around 50 white tons micronized), and in twenty days we start with the lime, a new project that comes into operation; we made an oven, we adapted it and we are already producing lime. That catapults us and we will continue. ”

Given what has been achieved with so much combined effort, the doubts that will be catapulted in 2020, are over. And that forecast is based on the ideas that are specified or are about to do so, such as starting the production of mortar in the UEB’s own areas.

And as the production of construction materials is a collective task of the first order, they also focus on recovering a plant that is located in Loma de Candela, (next to Güines), where they will produce aggregates, blocks and tiles.

The provision of services to other entities of the State is almost another line of the Coco Peredo, for the substantial financial benefits it brings, while having an impact on the progress of the social works undertaken in the capital of Mayabeque.

“We are now going to enter with a brigade at the Agrarian University of Havana Fructuoso Rodríguez (UNAH) to rehabilitate the electrical installations, but another brigade is already in the construction works of the Leopoldito Martínez Hospital in San José de las Lajas. Those services are equivalent to half a million pesos more profits this year and the next will rise to one million. ”

In short, stop the one that has brakes. This is what I infer from the most recent history of the calcium carbonate plant in San José de las lajas, in Mayabeque, (one of the best results of the GEOMINSAL Group).

For that successful group, it has not been precisely a path of roses that has been done so far. But without doubt, the taste of success came to them, not because they have worked hard, but because they have done it together.


Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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