Writer from Jaruco was awarded with Literary Prize Foundation of the City of Santa Clara 2019.

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Jaruco, Mayabeque. The young writer of Jaruco, Taimí Diéguez Mallo, has headlines in the national press, while her followers grow in the social network Facebook after knowing that she was the winner of the 31st edition of the Literary Prize “Foundation of the City of Santa Clara, 2019”, in the Theater category.

In her personal profile published this Monday. “And even though the good friends Lázaro M. Benítez Díaz and Omar Valiño, have given the news of the Prize for my work” Apples on the snow “, a semi-promising drama, to whom I thank them, I share it now.”

She added, “I am very happy, this work was wonderful to write for my Bachelor Thesis in Theater Arts, and I have dedicated it to two special women in my life, my mother and my beloved Mayte Aguiar, whom I love as a mother and she was a witness to the writing process.”

The theater jury integrated by Roxana Pineda, Josefa Quintana and Roberto Viña awarded this talented writer of the County City, “for making an effective use of dramaturgical techniques and playing a theme that does not stop being original.”

In this edition 61 authors from different provinces of the country competed, and the text of Taimí, together with the winners of the categories in poetry, short story and testimony, will be published under the Editorial Seal Capiro in the year 2020, on the eve of the 32nd edition of the contest that will once again be sponsored by the Provincial Book and Literature Center in Villa Clara.

Among the most recent hits of Taimí Diéguez Mallo, are the adaptation of the text “Happy birthday”, brought to scene by the group “Theater El misterio”, under the title of … “Japy beiby tullu”, which premiered last June , at the Cultural Center Bertolt Brecht in Havana.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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