Yoanne: useful in what he likes

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Jaruco, Mayabeque. Yoanne Ramírez Reyes began this October 28 to manufacture granite slabs, inserted into the Program of Local Production and Sale of Construction Materials (Plvmc) in Jaruco.
In the first two days of work, this empirical mason accumulated more than one hundred units of the highly demanded and deficient floor element, until today in the municipality.

“There is no hard work when you like it,” confesses the 40-year-old man, and states that if stability was maintained with the supply of material resources, he could deliver up to 120 slabs daily.

To fulfill these aspirations, he set up an area located near his residence, the Escaleras de Jaruco community.

There he built a platform with capacity to melt 98 tiles, but before he made 42 iron molds, which in his opinion are more durable and provide more quality to the product.

In that open-air space, blessed by the beauty and climate of the Natural Protected Landscape Escaleras de Jaruco, you can see two mountains of gray and reddish granite, as the guarantee that he can maintain a good productive pace, for the moment.

In addition to those 20 cubic meters of the material, he received five tons of cement and a hammer mill through the Plvmc, which adds to other equipment and own tools.

“On the march life is teaching you,” says this man who knows how to do a bit of everything, and so that there is no hint of doubt he showed me the block maker he is repairing and some templates that he forged himself with the purpose of producing elements of wall, later.

It is also proposed to manufacture semi-polished slabs, build a warehouse and even create the conditions to enter the world of prefabricated parts.

After observing him in full swing and listening to his dissertation, I conclude that his arms and ideas came to strengthen the production of construction materials and the idea of rescuing the housing fund of Jaruco.

And as to complete the good criteria that took me from his way of working, he shows me the seventy coffee trees he planted and that today green around the same place where he builds with granite and cement, his happiness and that of others.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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