My Summer Backpack is available in the computer club of Jaruco

Jaruco, Mayabeque. This time designed for the enjoyment of the summer stage, the latest edition of the Cuban package, “Mi Mochila” is now available at the two facilities of the Club of Computing and Electronics in Jaruco.

In the new proposal highlights the section, “Education for all” with hobbies and crosswords, Japanese books with origami tutorials and a basic French course.

In this section, the youngest of the house will be able to enjoy the didactic video “The alphabet from A to Z”, “How to make an animation step by step” and “Mathematics for real life”.

My Summer Backpack, also includes the option, “Me dicen Cuba” with Cuban cartoons among which Cecilín and Coti, Matojo, Elpidio Valdés, from the Chuncha series, the episode, “A dangerous visitor”, and the film, “Meñique and the magic mirror. ”

This Cuban package will keep these and the usual proposals for mobile and computer applications, as well as film and television audiovisuals, at a cost of only ten pesos in national currency.

Those interested in copying weekly My Summer Backpack may do so at any of the two facilities of the Computer Club of Jaruco or download it online at


Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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