Remember Barbados

How beautiful! The Cuban Virgen Filezala 17-year-old thought, while contemplating her first medal that October 6, 1976 when she returned to her homeland.

It is possible that Carlos Leyva made a joke on the plane to get a flash in the blue eyes of Nancy Uranga, or that Julio Herrera evoked his six-month-old baby.

Perhaps some read while others slept to shorten the time of the trip but, surely, the 24 members of the Cuban Youth Fencing team dreamed and were happy.

That day they also wove their future, the Guyanese who came to #Cuba to study Medicine and the remaining passengers (73 in total), as well as the crew that went on D-C 8 of the Cuban Aviation airline.

But Freddy Lugo and José Vázquez García (a false name given by Hernán Ricardo Lozano), led by Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosh, turned the flight into a tragedy, thus mourning dozens of families and millions of Cubans.

They were the material authors of the terrorist attack that caused the explosion of the aircraft in flight.

The Cuban experts who participated in the rescue of the corpses and were in charge of the investigation, that only fifteen corpses emerged from the sea, and only one was recognized without the help of forensic techniques, that of a girl. Most of the faces and bodies were destroyed.

For the terrorist Posada Carriles (intellectual author), “Sabotage was the most effective coup ever made against Castro.” It is a statement published by the Miami Herald on November 10, 1991, regarding the Barbados crime.

43 years have passed since those events, but every time October returns, the pain resurfaces in the incurable wound of the victims’ relatives and of all Cubans.

The daughter of Wilfredo Pérez, the pilot of the ship once said:
“I close my eyes and remember as if it were today… .My mom gave me the news and I started screaming. Then the funeral came. I knew he was not in any of those coffins. ”

Ninoska Fernández Cejas, daughter of the crew, Ramón J Fernández was marked forever:
“Of my dad, only the uniform cap was found. When he left I asked him the usual: When are you coming? – Tomorrow morning, he replied. And he never came back. ”

Marisela Leyva González, sister of fencer Carlos Leyva, would like to delete October from the calendar:

“These days put me extremely badly, I get very depressed about everything every time I imagine the explosion of the plane in the air or hear the uninterrupted communication with the tower….”

We have an explosion and we are descending immediately, we have fire on board!

Close the door, close the door!

Cu-455, we have total emergency, we continue listening, respond!

That’s worse, stick to the water, Felo, and stick to the water…!

These voices persist as painful tattoos in memory that repeat the world: Remember Barbados!

That is the echo that still cries out for justice, while the tear returns and again Fidel’s warning to the Empire explodes: “When an energetic and virile people cries, injustice trembles.”


Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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