Still loving each other

• we are able to mitigate the situation.
• Cuba is not even remotely alone; rather we are a country that the world regards with respect.
• In the face of the permanent, genocidal and perverse plan of the enemy, use courage, creativity, intelligence and responsibility
• Bring savings as a life practice.
• Multiply solidarity.
• Report opportunistic attitudes.
• Dust off some of the measures that made us resist the special period, and that keep the Cuban project alive.
• You have to work differently, because the times are different.

This September 11, from the television space Mesa Redonda President Díaz Canel spoke to the people with total clarity, about the current measures adopted by the country in view of the low availability of some fuels, especially diesel.

“They want to cut the light, water and even the air we breathe,” said the Cuban leader, while calling to work together and with intelligence, because to resist, he stressed, we must do it “from creation.”

“If the Cuban people have any suffering, it is because of the blockade,” insisted the Cuban leader, and the reasons for taking such an argument are well known and suffered.

But to that genocidal measure, the Helms Burton Law, the financial persecution and the resurgence of the economic war towards the Island and other friendly nations, such as Venezuela and Nicaragua, actions that fatten the imperial iron fist that tries to encircle Cuba and Model a social outbreak.

We will have affectations, he announced, and the Ministers of Energy and Mines and Economy said that there is no difficulty with the supply, while they stressed that it is not about the return to the “special period”,    because the country has enormous strengths to make this bearable this complex situation.

• Distribution of certain products.
• Labor and public transport.
• Electricity generation (interruptions will be planned and notified).

• The railway
• Growth of national tourism (70 thousand rooms today)
• Partnerships are created and strengthened in the international arena.
• The main investors remain in Cuba.
• The export of medical services continues to support investments in health, medicine production and advances in biotechnology and other scientific areas.

Sensitivity was a repetitive idea in President Diaz Canel’s dialogue with the people, whiles the call to management and leaders to perform at the height, as loyal public servants, was blunt and sincere.

His words force us then to rethink and redesign our daily behaviors. It is key for defending who we are and we want it as a country that we care what happens around us and with others.

It is essential that we be more practical, quick and participatory, and that we contribute above all things, the effort and the will in the construction of a better life in the little piece that touches each of us.

Anyway, we can lack oil, but what we should not and can not spare is love, remember that “only love makes the mud a miracle”, as Silvio says. And if we stop loving each other, we would be signing a pact with defeat, and as Juan Almeida Bosque warned: “Nobody here gives up.”

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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