The Heberferon against leather cancer is successfully applied in Mayabeque

Until the ninth month of this year, 30 patients suffering from basal cell carcinoma (CBC) were successfully treated in Mayabeque with HeberFeron, a Cuban biopharmaceutical with proven efficacy in the remission of this type of malignant skin tumors.

When Rober Alejandro Marrero Lima read in the Mayabeque newspaper, (in June 2019), the story of a patient treated with this product set off his alarms because he found similarities between that man’s injury and the one he had on his face.

He immediately went to the Dermatology Consultation of the Integral Teaching Polyclinic, Noelio Capote of Jaruco, where he was assisted by the specialist Ladealín Morales Caraballo, who diagnosed the carcinoma and prescribed the HeberFeron.

In mid-October the tumor of this 69-year-old patient, there was hardly a slight scar, as another proof of the validity of the medicine produced by the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology of Cuba.

Rober Alejandro Marrero Lima

In the same year, another ten cases said goodbye to the skin carcinoma they suffered, after being treated by the renowned Jaruqueña specialist and thanks to the timely application of HeberFeron.


In addition to the Jaruco Polyclinic, in six other care units located in Güines, San José de las lajas, Quivicán, Bejucal and Batabanó the product is also applied, said Dr. Anadieska Molina Abad, Head of the Skin Cancer Program at the Directorate of Public Health of Mayabeque.

The Provincial Coordinator of the HeberFeron, meant the good results this year of the treatment in about thirty cases, who until today receive the appropriate follow-up.

Dr. Molina highlighted the guarantees that patients with basal cell carcinoma have to access specialists and this medicine for free, although the cost of a treatment cycle can exceed nine thousand pesos in national currency.

She said that according to the records of recent years, skin cancer tops the list of malignant tumors that most affect the population of Mayabeque, Cuba and the world.

She recalled that, as the “skin has memory”, it is key to reduce exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, as well as to adopt healthy lifestyles, taking into account that the damages accumulate deriving, (in many cases), in this condition increasingly frequent on the planet.


Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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