Tilín better and Radio Jaruco with Étan

Étan Samuel Martínez Núñez looked the best of his smiles and had fireworks in his eyes when he received us this October 8 at his home in Jaruco
I think that for him we were a joyful entourage, or maybe the Magi with a very earthly outfit, although we explained that we simply work at his station, Radio Jaruco

But to please the leprechauns that inhabit the head of any six-year-old boy, I introduced Ophelia Delgado, (Public Health promoter), as a fairy who knew well when to use her wand, while Maylen Bello, (web master of our website), I told him that she mastered the magic of computers.

I gave it to the radio show collective, The Golden Age, wrapped in fantasy. Hence, I explained how Arnay Acosta, (sound producer) built the sound world of the stories written by the director of space, Anelis Díaz, and in which the good energy of Aunt Carmita, Carmen Jacomino, is never lacking.

We talked about Radio Jaruco’s 50th birthday, and although there are a few months left to celebrate it (March 13, 2020), we anticipated the party by visiting listeners like him.

We also confess that in addition to the anniversary we were inspired to find it, the project, “A Tilín Better de la Ronera San José”, driven by people who share hopes and joys, with the only aspiration to improve the world following the precept of Mother Teresa of Calcutta who said: “Sometimes we feel that what we do is just a drop in the sea, but the sea would be less if it lacked a drop.”
Then we fill his hands with gifts and his face with kisses.

His satisfaction was the biggest prize of the day, because we knew how important is the love for a child who was born with cerebral palsy, and who is still in a wheelchair today.

However, against all odds, Étan learned to read, write and calculate, while his teacher is confident in his academic evolution.
That certainty is justified by the fact that he is a good conversationalist; he answers questions quickly and draws fast conclusions on very basic matters, but without leaving the innocence and nobility of his few years.

Étan lives in a very humble house in the company of his eight-year-old sister and his mother, a teacher who is unable to work because her son requires care, and that is her main task, she confesses.

When we left Étan was still laughing. It was the proof that Radio Jaruco and Un tilín better built that day another love story.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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