With the name well placed

For Wiliam Huerta, the lumberjack at bakery La Destacada in Jaruco, there is no fear of low fuel availability, because he says that his arms and his disposition reach for the oven of this unit to stay on.
And it is that this is the only bakery in Mayabeque that does not require the electricity to produce, hence they have not stopped, as showing their name

Yunier Sosa Morin, administrator of La Destacada says that they have enough firewood, while they also have flour and other raw materials in sufficient quantity to produce more than one thousand units of their assortments each day.

Marquesita, cake, panetela and gaceñiga are the varieties of sweets that reach the town, thanks to the will of the eight workers of this group and the fact of continuing to work in the old way.

For more than 60 years the bakery of Jaruco has been operating from a wood-fired oven, hence, even in the toughest years of the special period, it did not pause, and of course the shortage of diesel these days is not even , a stumble to overcome

So, as long as there is firewood and good disposition of men like William, the oven of La Destacada will remain red hot and sweetened, the stomachs and spirits of the Jaruqueños.


Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero

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