Let's avoid the phrase; I did not have time to study it

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Published on Tuesday, 08 May 2018 11:24
Written by Yainely Guerra yainely@cmbt.icrt.cu
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The school year 2017 - 2018 arrived from the beginning of January to a new stage of application of partial controls, entrance tests and research seminars. As always in each school, we breathe that air of meticulous studies and consolidations of the contents taught, since the application of these exams is alerting how they could be the final results, the pass of degree and know the average and accumulated that counts to take the career to which each student aspires.


The effort of the students is really intense, although not all strive in the same way to achieve satisfactory results in their grades, it is up to the school, the family and in particular the student to ensure the systematic in the studies and on this subject I want to tell you today.


It could be said that from the moment in which the chronograms of the different exams begin to be oriented, it is necessary to study in detail content taught, as well as to revisit it through the study guides and clarifications with the teachers. It is also very important to encourage the habit in the studies, because I know there are many who prefer the so-called "finalism" and leave for the last hour the exercise and review of the contents taught at the beginning of the school stage and that can be evaluated again in any of the exams that apply at this time of the course.


Believe me it is very unpleasant for a teacher to know that some of his students suffer from finalism. And yes, I tell them they suffer because this disease is developing very strongly nowadays, especially in adolescents and young people since some students completely lose the habit of studying, they do not take up in a considerable time the contents that can be evaluated and they feel completely confident that with one or two days before the test they can appropriate that knowledge.


What alarms me the most is that the students really do not realize that they are playing the semester or even worse, the year; I think that if they understood it then they would realize that things do not always go well and that the most important thing is to make a study habit that will help keep the contents fresh so that when the time comes to face the test, they can apply well-exercised contents, in addition to being able to get the most out of the score, without being afraid of: "I did not know it" or "I did not have time to study it".

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero