A paradoxically cold summer in Jaruco

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Published on Wednesday, 01 August 2018 12:48
Written by By Anelis Díaz
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At the beginning of the summer there were many expectations that were made by the people of Jaruco with the options they would have to enjoy as a family. It is a memory that the Directorate of Education, Culture, Sports and Recreation appeared on this station to inform the people of the varied proposals for a summer period that promised to be superior to that of 2017.

Everything seemed to go well ...

The Provincial Directorate of Culture fulfilled some of its commitments and so the circus came to the popular councils Guaicanamar and Jaruco. Students of the School of Art, Tata Güines starred in one of the most moving shows of the season to offer two concerts in Jaruco and Casiguas ... But, as the promotion failed, the people of Jaruco lost the great party of listening to children which donated two weeks of their vacations to give to the Mayabequenses anthological pieces of the Cuban and international pentagram.

Blessed are the people of Carraguao neighborhood who ran with Los Tambores de Bejucal, because in the Popular Council Jaruco, the streets remain silent, sad, empty ... If it were not for the heat and the few times they put screen and music in The Four Corners, we would say that we are in winter ... Yes, because, paradoxically, this is the summer: cold!

The recreational square is still waiting for the First Level Orchestras of national tour, announced by the Culture programmer. Kamel, which had to close the month of July, little known, by the way, was not presented by the weather on Saturday 28, after a great storm, left a nice and cool night, which ended up being as boring as those of the previous weekends.

The celebrations for the July 26 were diluted in the neighborhoods and the town was waiting for the customary party. The agricultural fair announced after the Cultural Policy Gala held on July 20 in honor of the Day of National Rebellion, which was announced by the station, was not developed either.

As for the sports options, I have not been able to see the board games that should remain in the evenings in the portals of the Four Corners, a space that this year should once again host summer activities. The volleyball contest Mi Barrio Campeón started a week later than expected, but it still glads the nights of Tuesday and Thursday, being the only sport option in this City.

It is fair to recognize that the main street of Jaruco only rejoices from 8 to 10 and 30 in the morning for the music of the Disco, an initiative of Radio Jaruco, which is already a tradition in the months of July and August and which the people enjoy and thank.

July ends, with the hope that the options planned for August will be maintained, including the Cuban Night and the talent festival ... Ah, and that the Directorate of Culture sports and recreation, fulfill its promise to offer activities for the municipality's children, as it happened in the beautiful party celebrated on Children's Day, one of the most fun and truly familiar proposals that we had in July.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero