"Start the school marathon"

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Published on Monday, 03 September 2018 12:42
Written by By Yuniel Rodríguez yuniel@cmbt.icrt.cu
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This Monday began the parade of uniforms, and see the children going to their schools, at least this journalist has very fond memories because it goes back to the student stage, either in primary or secondary school, but without doubt, it transports me in time.

But this gigantic marathon began days before the first bell for the general education of the school rang this morning. In the last week of the summer, backpacks are ready with the new pencil sharpener, or the rule with which they won the previous course is cleaned well.

Mothers, grandmothers, aunts, in short, the whole family is in charge of arranging school uniforms, ironing them well; while the children visit the barber to leave behind the haircut that was fashionable in the summer to show off now a peeling according to the regulations that a good student should follow.

Also these days are very recurrent conversations between parents and children in almost all Cuban homes with issues revolving around raising the academic results of the past year, in being more punctual and responsible with student work, in caring for the school uniform and books and notebooks, to attend to every detail offered by the teacher during classes.

The new school year becomes joys, commitments, desire to know, in that desire to meet new friends, and in the curiosity to discover what we will live in the new level of education that we have just started. The truth is that there are not two or a hundred students eager to get to the classroom; there are thousands who are ready to learn, know and train as good men and women of tomorrow.

Welcome to another school year ... that invites you to know!

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero