Constituted in Jaruco presidency of the organization of pioneer José Martí

Jaruco, Mayabeque. The Museum of this County City was the scene on Tuesday of the Constitution of the municipal presidency of the José Martí Pioneers Organization with the participation of the ten base guides and collective presidents of each primary school of the territory.

Zaily Yedó Capote, municipal president of the OPJM: "To constitute this presidency aims to approve the members of the structure for methodological advice, the renewal of the same and designate heads in structures. It also aims to propose and approve the stimulation in the pioneers and basic guide that are vanguard, also develop and approve the different plans of activities to be carried out at different times of the school year, also approve the reserves of team of the organization and propose to the bureau of the UJC that approves referentially the structure of the organization "

J: Zaily Yedó Capote, president of the OPJM in the territory, also informed how the presidency of the organization in Jaruco was made up.

Zaily Yedó Capote, municipal president of the OPJM: "Then as Chief of Emulation we have the pioneers Yuliet Díaz Febles and Miranda Laera Díaz of the primary school Máximo Gorki and Daniela Rodríguez Rodríguez of the ESBU: Frank País; as Head of Activities we have Karen Izquierdo Tápanes from the Latin America school and Diamelis Couso Viciado from the Camilo Cienfuegos Special School; as Head of Study we have the pioneers Lucía Gorka Rodríguez from the Rafael María de Mendive school and Liz Lauden Domínguez Barroso from Pelayo Cuervo Navarro; as Chief of Work we have Breidy Laura Díaz from the Rubén Martínez Villena school, as Chief of the Movement of Pioneers we have Thalía Rodríguez from the Manuel Hernández school and as Pioneers Correspondents we have the pioneers Keila Talabera Delgado from the Pity Fajardo primary school and Yeni Bárbara Llerena Centelles from the mixed center Fructuoso Rodríguez "

In the Constitution of the municipal presidency of the Pioneers in Jaruco, were also Misleydis Martín Nuñez, provincial president of the organization, José Ángel Yanqui Quintana, provincial technician of the Movement of Explorer Pioneers, Mayret Barroso Hernández, municipal director of Education, as well as members of the Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba and the Young Communist League of Jaruco.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero