Champions League, the romaine stays in Madrid, In Cibeles or Neptune?

The May 24, 2014 will be a special and historic day for international football for several reasons, one, he plays in the stadium DA LUZ of Lisbon the final of UEFA Champions League season 2013-2014 and two, for the first time the great final will be a derby, or what is the same, the finalists are two teams from the same city, in this case of Madrid.


On one side a great team, which returns to the final of champions 12 years later, Real Madrid, overall winner of this competition with nine titles served to be recognized as the best football club of the twentieth century.


On the other side the Athletics of Madrid, a fighter team, warrior par excellence also returns to a European final after 40 year of absence and wanting to be a champion for the first time.


Both teams arrive at their appointment with history truly with own work, winning with category each rival. Madrid had to defeat online three German teams, Shalke 04, Borussia Dormunt and Bayern Munich from eighth to first end and Athletics got rid of Milan, after Barcelona and now Chelsea.


On both sides a couple of technicians world's best, the Italian Carlo Ancelotti takes the meringues reins in a masterly way and in his first season won the Copa del Rey , which eliminated Atletico Madrid in the semifinals and won Barcelona in the end, on the other side the indefatigable Diego Pablo " Cholo " Simeone who is for me right now the number 1 in the world of the benches in football, the coach has the league in pocket in its third season the helm of the bank of the Manzanares and is the only unbeaten in this season's Champions League.


What is the favorite? At first glance anyone would vote for Real Madrid but I advise you do not be swayed. The most accurate forecast would wait to see what happens. Both teams are in a moment of glory.


The principal of each will not give up his way of play. The Madrid team presses well on the wing, and strong in the air ball and lethal on the counter attack with a devastating punch and hopes for Cristiano Ronaldo could well win his second Champions League in his country. And Atletico is now the team that best brand in the world and has men capable of touching the ball and do it well, before two key men the warrior Diego Costa and Raul Garcia.

The end of “the sons of Madrid" will see millions and millions of earthlings, including us football fans in the County City. Each end of the champions is a day with history, is to touch the stars, so when on May 24 the Estadio Da Luz in Lisbon will be given the whistle snatch and the ball starts rolling UEFA Champions League crown a new champion and now there is only one sure thing, the Orejona return victorious to Madrid, Cibeles or Neptune, there's the big question.


Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero