Youth that builds peace

From two years ago I have had the pleasure of talking to several young people from other countries through the social networks Facebook and Linkedin. Many of them also practice journalism.

Laura Ferrón, 26, for example, lives in Argentina and deals with international issues; Junior Mc'field, a television producer in Peru and Mauricio Vargas, is Mexican, and he is also a reporter.


In our fairly regular conversations, of course, we become aware of how is the work, the health of family members, future meetings to share and meet personally, but also social realities, regional controversies and political analysis of the Latin American continent.


In these exchanges we all agree on one issue, the need to fight and achieve peace, the only alternative for people to prosper and their people suffer less.


Laura, the Argentine, has told me, for example, how her government daily issues more and more wage restrictions and job cuts. By Junior, the Peruvian, I knew of the exploitation of natural resources and with Mauricio, I knew of the overwhelming and suspense that the Mexicans live with so many acts of vandalism, human losses and other evils. Not to mention the constant siege against them and hundreds of young journalists in their countries who are in the spyhole of drug traffickers, corrupt politicians and media aggressions in charge of reversing the reality of those nations.


After reading the lines of my friends, I stop my fingers on the keyboard of the computer and wonder: how can they live like this? Of course, I also realized that for this reason, the three of them insist so much on coming to know Cuba and its people who defend the tranquility of citizens.

That is why Laura, Junior and Mauricio admire from Cuba how young people have the priority of deciding, electing representatives, the right to a university career, completely free studies, freedom of expression and something as simple as walking on the streets until late hours of the early morning and practically nothing happens.


Of course, when perceiving those desires and the curiosity to come to Cuba, at one point I have reiterated the invitation to visit, to travel to the place where I work and tread this free ground.

I always tell them "the brave", because they work and exercise journalism with a transparent vision, without fear of being repressed or censored, to capture images many times of terror and panic, but behind all their work, are young people who want change, make revolution ... fight for just causes.

These changes around the world are a claim of millions of young people. For that reason this year the motto of World Youth Day is: "Youth that builds peace."


I do not want the desire of my friends and I to see a living on a united planet, where there are no more white necks on the hands of the workers, where the children play and educate themselves without guns pointing at them, where the woman and the man procreate good children.


I am very optimistic, so I hope a future hopefully not too far, access again to my pages of Facebook and Linkedin to know to my friends Laura, Junior and Mauricio, and we all agree to say ... Hi, what peace is breathed today in me country.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero