To Barranquilla after the World Cup

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Published on Friday, 15 June 2018 10:54
Written by By Angel Riverón Barranco
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The summer of 2018 is undoubtedly one of the most sporting of recent times, right now while the world is a football ball, and Cubans are immersed in the FIFA World Cup, a group of almost 600 Cubans among athletes and coaches has the look in another part, and to the world they only look above.

Where these groups of athletes are looking for? To Barranquilla, because just four days after the World Cup ends, on July 19, 2018, the 23rd edition of the Central American and Caribbean Games, our main sporting event, begins in that Colombian city this year.

In the 22 previous editions, Mexico has occupied the first place by countries in 10 occasions and Cuba in 12, that is to say that only these two nations know how to win the first place.

For us, the only objective is to occupy that first position, so that you have an idea, in the last four editions of these Central American Games the podiums are two to two, that is, two for Mexico and two for Cuba.

That yes the one of 2014 we won it to the Mexicans in his house. But now the Cuban sport that has generally lost ground in the international arena and is facing a great challenge, and by countries, is not only Mexico, is Colombia, which also the venue has a large sports delegation.


According to the specialists Cuba, Colombia and Mexico must reach more than 110 gold medals each, and the general podium will be according to the design of the contested competitions until the last two days, so we expect some very attractive games.

Our athletes are well prepared, there have been several trainings outside the country, for many sports, and we assist with our first figures, as always in this type of event, and that is still a decisive factor because our rivals can not do the same for various reasons, including the general level of the event.

There is confidence in our athletes, to Colombia without additional complexes or pressures, and from my point of view looking at Peru 2019, that that must be the first objective of our country in this event, to prepare for the Pan-American Games.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero