Joy returns to the Children's Park of Jaruco

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Published on Friday, 13 July 2018 13:19
Written by By Anelis Díaz
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On January 28 of this year, I went down the stairs of the Children's Park of Jaruco with tears in my eyes and a chronicle spinning in my head. There were still bursts of oblivion after Hurricane Irma. I remember describing what looked like a war scenario, after a bombing. But, refusing to accept the obvious, I carried with me the hullabaloo of the sparrows that, intent on protecting their home, flitted among the poplars that refused to die like this park, which still has life in its roots. There was a lot to save here. After a month, I saw truckloads of debris come down, tons of branches. After, I see calm.


This Tuesday, I went back up the stairs of the children's park and, this time, I was welcomed by women and men who gave life to hammocks, cachumbambé, merry-go-rounds. The Council of the Municipal Administration assigned to a group of entities from Jaruco the responsibility of sponsoring the dilapidated apparatuses. In front of everyone, Serafín González, watches over the quality of the repair work.

"I am here to take care of the work that is being carried out by art of the municipal directorates, which have fulfilled the tasks that have been given to them. The painting, the repair of the equipment, because the park was a little deteriorated ".

Alfredo Quiñones, Director of the Food Company is proud of his work.

"Three colors: green, yellow, white. The task could be done in two days. Here are several colleagues painting. At the beginning of summer it is an option for children. The task is maintained; so each one must keep the equipment that he had ".

Oscar Rodríguez, director of Housing in Jaruco looks at his work with rejoicing.

"We are sponsors of the foot swing. They gave it to us in a few critical conditions and today you can see it painted and plated so that children can access our park. That is the bit of sand we have brought to the community. "

Workers of the Construction Company put the wooden slats that will return the original form to Merry-go-round.

"We were given the task of repairing the merry-go-round, one of the many teams that are being renovated in the park for the enjoyment of children in the summer. And the task, well, we are fulfilling it. "

The brigade of vials was commissioned to paint the hammocks; Education, culture and sports, airplanes and the Administration Council assumed the largest merry-go-round. The mining Gustavo Machín Hoed, will work in the recovery of the perimeter fence and Communal in cleaning and gardening. In several days of work that attracted the curiosity of neighbors and children of the neighborhood, workers of the Ho Chi Min Company led by its director, Engineer Arsenio Martínez Abreu, director of that agricultural entity of the Ministry of the Interior, welded tubes, railings and bars that today are covered with cheerful colors. The civil worker of the MININT, Felipe Díaz Linares, worked overtime so that today we can see finished. To all, our thanks
The Children's Park will now have spaces for inflatable equipment, cultural and circus shows and a cafeteria, which will open its doors on Sunday, July 15, Children's Day. This was confirmed by Yordanis Bravo, deputy director of the Commerce and Gastronomy Company in Jaruco

"At the moment we are finishing interior painting, electrical installation, revamping the plateau, to condition the cafeteria with all the established means; put a dependent who is going to subordinate to the recreational complex of Jaruco. When all the recreational activities are carried out, we will offer the service with all the products of the traditional gastronomy, with an affordable price to the population ".

This Sunday, at ten o'clock in the morning, the families of Jaruco will once again climb, along with their children, the steps of the children's park, to celebrate Children's Day, with a big party that will be extended throughout the summer. This is guaranteed by Jorge Fraga, Director of Culture.
"In the park we had a cachumbambé. The one that stands out the most in the park: blue and red. We put the plank, we painted it. It is ready for children to enjoy on Sunday, Children's Day, with a recreational-cultural activity with clowns, games of participation, raffle, and hidden treasure. "

The idea of each entity from Jaruco sponsoring a device, a space in the park, was the Chief of the Administration Council, Liuba Fernández Cruz, who received the positive response of all those who are here today, having almost completed their work.

Today under the stairs of the children park of Jaruco convinced that on Sunday, July 15, will be filled with laughter, songs and games, in a great party of girls and boys from Jaruco, those who remind us, every day, what the poet said: "only love engenders wonder".

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero