The truth needs us

A few hours after concluding in the capital the Tenth Congress of the Association of Cuban Journalists, the youngest reporters of this plant also expressed their opinions in relation to such an important meeting that was ready to discuss the current challenges of the union.

Yuniel Rodríguez: "I believe that the Tenth Congress of the UPEC will bring new goals for Cuban journalism to fulfill, and I think that as young journalists we are, we have to put all our effort to achieve a quality work, in which we will always be help to solve different issues that are always questioned by the population, that will be our task, in addition to many others that also belong to a good journalist "

Yordan Díaz: "I think that the UPEC Congress has played very important points in the press. Elements that must be improved, others that must be perfected in the progress of work, and others that must be inserted in our daily work in order to achieve a journalism of these times "

Yarisleydis Cabrera: "Our congress considered that it was aimed at improving more the work we do as press professionals. Today we have in our hands the arduous task of informing the people, and doing it well. I think that giving good information to the population is something that always a good journalist should do, and that is what the conference highlights "

Today the professionals of the Cuban press are working to achieve a better journalism, since in our hands is the arduous task of continuing to build a Socialist Revolution that continues the ideas of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, because as the theme of our congress highlighted, the truth needs us.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero


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