Farmers of Jaruco benefit with the Local Agricultural Innovation System

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Published on Tuesday, 22 January 2019 11:26
Written by By Yarisleidy Cabrera
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Jaruco, Mayabeque. The production of grains and vegetables of almost a dozen peasants of Jaruco, benefit thanks to the donation of various types of seeds certified by the National Institute of Agricultural Sciences (INCA).


According to the coordinator of the Local Agricultural Innovation System in the municipality, Luis Perez Perez, last December the territory brought 18 varieties of beans, 10 of chickpea and seven of tomato, which were distributed to potential producers included in that scheme.


He said that the prototypes of beans and chickpeas, P94, N5HA, WR315 and others, are already flourishing in Jaruco's land, with a yield forecast of up to three tons per hectare and resistant to drought, sandy soils and the pests that attack these types of crops such as bacteriosis, rust, green bug, golden mosaic, whitefly and weeds.


Engineer Pérez Pérez, said that the first crop of grains and vegetables produced in the municipality of Jaruco within the System of Local Agricultural Innovation, will be obtained at the end of March 2019 and will be destined to the prioritized centers of the territory and to the sale to the population.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero