The County City of Jaruco: cultural events of 2014

The County City of Jaruco in the year is concluding was the scene of various cultural and important events and occurrences that people enjoyed and appreciated.


The arts wore their best clothes in 2014 and the followers appreciated the exhibitions Guanikiki, guano to reality, dreams, and Francisco Diaz Triana in memoriam, and other group shows that offered the public a more contemporary vision of the art of the brush.


Meanwhile, in June, the news that the artist Giosmar Betancourt stood with the second and third places in the Eighth Biennial Sculpture of Havana, rejoiced to followers of the arts in Jaruco.


The proposal To recreate with history was of the Historical Museum of Jaruco in the months of July and August, from a programming designed for the whole family, which included the initiative named County Routes.

The institution also held in 2014 Nights of Bolero, enlivened by the sextet D'Lirio, and monthly exhibitions in general and transient rooms.

During the year ending in Jaruco members of the Cultural Society José Martí performing various actions, all aimed at bringing more local people to the life and work of the most universal of all Cubans.


Last June, the county city of Jaruco hosted the Third Regional Workshop Marti Square. For four days, 40 young of the Cuban western toured sites of historical and cultural interest and exchanged with producer of the children's program The Golden Age of Radio Jaruco.


Speaking of the local radio station in January 2014, screenwriter and director, Luis Ernesto Machado Barrios, deserved recognition The Ring Cuba conferred by the National Branch of the Cultural Society José Martí, by its particular way to treat and take on listeners the subject Marti in programs as Speaking of Art, Living in Family and From the Radio.


For its part, the Art Instructors of the Brigade José Martí, in Jaruco, also made a strong work over the last eleven months, but certainly the classic summer season led the best experiences of young people integrated into the Homeland Mission artistic guerrilla responsible for enhancing and revitalizing community involvement in the town of Mendoza.


Also in July this year the instructors jaruqueños said goodbye to colleagues Yadisley Lorenzo, Rogersander Balmaceda and Yadian Hernández, who left to the sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to join the cultural mission Heart inside.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero