Rotceh’s echoes is multiplied in the world

Jaruco, Mayabeque. This weekend the digital information portal Cubadebate published on its front page the interview I had with the doctor from Jaruco, Rotceh Rios Molina, after his arrival in the country on April, six months after facing the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone with other 164 collaborators of the International Contingent Henry Reeve.



The dialogue entitled A young man who defied the Ebola: Echoes of Sierra Leone and is essentially a retrospective journey to the West African nation where Rotceh and colleagues from the island wrote one of the most beautiful and heroic pages Health Cuban public in the world.

The interview invites the reader to understand and reflect the value of the acts of the doctors in Cuba in confronting one of the most terrible epidemics of recent times: Ebola. It also called to assess the work of Rotceh Rios as a young doctor, who not only was limited to clinical work, but also occupied an important position of leadership in the district of Freetown where they saved dozens of lives.

To be published in Cubadebate, the journalistic work of Radio Jaruco A young man who defied the Ebola: Echoes of Sierra Leone arrived in seconds to hundreds of countries and thousands of users in the world who value the accuracy and quality of what is published in this medium alternative, which is dedicated not only warn of smear campaigns against Cuba, but also multiply acts of love and humanism as this.

Until Sunday morning interview received 18 comments from Latin America, the United States and elsewhere, one of them, from a reader who said:

Read all these stories described by someone who directly faced difficult situations and knowing that he is Cuban, fill you with joy and help you to reflect on what we have and we can not lose, only values of humanism, solidarity, diligence and up insurmountable humility when we face the greatest adversity. Thanks for tell us these stories so sore but victorious at end.

The interview is illustrated with photographs that illustrates the most important moments of the work of doctor of San Antonio, Rotceh Rios Molina in Sierra Leone and although was transmitted in space, Wings of Radio Jaruco in May, those who have access to national Internet sites can locate and enjoy it at the following address:

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero