The meeting with Fidel

Jose Manuel de la Noval Garcia is a man of 83 years who lives in the town of Castilla, in the municipality of Jaruco in the Cuban province of Mayabeque. In the decade of the 50s of last century, José Manuel distributed several copies of the allegation of Fidel Castro History Will Absolve Me in the trial against the assailants on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes barracks on July 26, 1953. The mission was commissioned by the Orthodox youth organization of which he was a member, now tells us so:


jose-manuel-fidel-catroJosé Manuel: "I remember that they gave me the document in the curve of the road from Castillas to Jaruco. The responsible was Jose Carnero, who was the main leader of the Orthodox youth in Jaruco, but never heard from him. He gave me several copies to give away that very carefully because it was something complicated and prohibited by the rural guard. I will and I think it was my biggest task. "


Reporter: Cuban Revolution triumphed in 1959 and as other jaruqueños Jose Manuel de la Noval had the good fortune to personally meet Fidel, when the leader toured the area Castillas.


José Manuel: "He appeared at any time and especially on Sundays. Coincidentally I was a day of duty at the command post of the farm Guaicanamar and I decided to take a shower and thinking that Fidel would not come. To look out the bathroom window I saw a car coming around the bend and went so fast that I did not hit upon, even wearing the shirt in my hand. I immediately stood up and greeted Fidel and he asked me for Teté Puebla ".


Reporter: Jose Manuel never forgets dialogue with the leader. There were so many questions that made him the commander that there came a time when hit upon no answer.


José Manuel: "I shook my hand and did a lot of questions, and I went crazy. I asked a thousand questions in a moment. We talked about half an hour and the memory of this man was unbelievable because he remembered how much land was in the area and what produce".


Reporter: According to the farmer Jose Manuel told, Fidel on his travels by land jaruqueña at the beginning of the revolution in addition to have interest in agricultural plans and ranchers worried the state of the palms that distinguished the landscape of rural Castilla.


José Manuel: "Four or five days begin to get trucks loaded with fertilizer to the village La Guanaja to fertilize palms. Then he sent a group of peers to cover the palms with fertilizer and mark them with the V of victory. There are palms in these fields still identified. "


Reporter: During the dialogue suddenly José Manuel smiled, looked at the sky and said Fidel is irreplaceable.


José Manuel: "The pranks of Fidel is not yet finished because you have to read his writing about the Brother Obama, following the visit of US President to Cuba, and how mentioned things that Obama had to say and not say in his speeches. I think the biggest brain that has existed in the world is that of Fidel Castro, more nobody could or can get where Fidel has come. Which is dedicated to writing about the life of Fidel will never end because it will be so great that reach the time to read ".


R: This octogenarian lives proud of being Cuban, and excitement peeks his face when he counts the moments with Fidel. The outstanding revolutionary career of Jose Manuel de la Noval Garcia is his greatest treasure because he helped the revolution and from the distance he wishes the Commander good health and long life.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero


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