Tony: as a flower in the swamp

"Flowers in a swamp" how Cuban journalist Luis Sexto defined the Cuban 5 and was not wrong. Antonio Guerrero, for example, changes daily thanks to the artistic projects that materializes in prison and then go around the world, as are his collections of paintings and poems.


That passion for creation turned and gave Tony a different brightness, as recently corroborated Margaret Becker the person whom the Cuban antiterrorist shared his life when he was arrested in 1998.


Maggi, as he calls her, recounting the impressions of her visit to Tony in Marianna, Florida, a few days ago said, the first thing that caught her attention was how well looked Antonio, in her words, "If not the most perfect physical condition, Antonio radiated health more firmly taken in his own hands, despite 16 years accumulated in prison.


Margaret Becker was fascinating by the good spirit and energy of Tony, which attributed to the way the Cuban hero has given to art: "It's a joy to see the artist that he has become a product of the convergence of many elements, but above all for his love and dedication to art, confessed Maggie.


In addition, remember also, "I know that his graphite drawings and calligraphy works led him to the crayons and then to the pastel; then came the watercolors and later to the oil painting. I know how he writes his poems to give to others he could give of him what they meant to survive and even to grow.


Antonio Guerrero's friend, Margaret Becker, sealed her chronicle with these words that show the importance of the artistic work of the Cuban antiterrorist in the United States: "After the last visit on Monday, we walked toward the modern building of the Department of Health, Jackson County, which is located near the prison, where we could see an oil painting of Tony with an image of a man leaned giving consolation to a girl hugging in one of his leg. This work hangs in the Meetings Hall adjacent to the Office of the Director of this center ".


Tony's power to overcome loneliness and time in prison through artistic creation is what has allowed him, as well emphasized Cuban journalist Luis Sexto; grow, as do the most beautiful flowers in the swamp.


Translated by: Ada Iris Guerrero