Real Madrid versus Manchester United, the table is served

On Tuesday August 8, at 2:45 p.m., Cuba time; at the stadium Filip II in Skopje, Macedonia will take place the Super Cup of Europe between Real Madrid and Manchester United, two colossi, two great of history.


The event will focus on many because united side will be the always controversial José Mouriño, former coach of Madrid, and forced his departure from the club by having several problems with some heavyweights of the staff as Iker casillas, Sergio Ramos or Cristiano Ronaldo. Hence the morbid is served.


Who is favorite the favorite to lift the first official title of the football season 2017-2018, Real Madrid or Manchester United? I have a simple answer, when it comes to a title Madrid is always favorite, it is the teams that have won the most important titles in football and the best percent, almost turn their finals into trophies, from 15 Champions League finals by example has won 12, and in European super cups of five has won three, by one its rivals of three finals.
It is true that it will be a difficult match, and hard as any final, and where Manchester United arrives better, speaking about football, Real Madrid held three games more than meringues in preseason and except for the draw, against the white precisely, won everyone else.


While Real Madrid was the opposite side of the coin, four games played in the United States did not win even one in the ninety minutes, lost one on penalties (against United), and two against Manchester City (4-1) for thrashing, and before the Barcelona (3-2), to gain to the combined of stars of the MLS by penalties. It was a very bad balance.


But preseason, is preseason and does not count, what counts is what is coming and the merengues will have a luxury incorporation for that match, Cristiano Ronaldo, who advanced his return to the training, and it is the goal what he has lacked Madrid, since Benzemá and Garet Bale follow, apparently, of vacations. Playing for the Portuguese (I think he does not start the title), it would be very difficult for him, since debut after a long holiday in a final and against United is very complicated, but it is also true that if there is someone capable of achieving in these conditions in CR7.


Manchester return this year to the Champions League and Mouriño has before him a great team, well reinforced in the summer market with Romero Lukaku, a striker center of luxury, Nemanja Matic, an SUV, just to give two examples.


For Madrid it is urgent to solve the huge defensive losses, especially in the plays with the ball stopped where nine goals in preseason received 4, and lost more than 12 actions by that route, that and the goal, which is scarce in the meringues.

Focusing on another type of analysis would not be very appropriate at this stage of the season, the Super Cup however much it attracts is a minor title, at a stage of the year where the sport is still sought, so only the final result is worth.


Real Madrid or Manchester United, one will raise the Super Cup of Europe in Macedonia next Tuesday.

Real Madrid wants it at all costs to continue sending in a year that want to become more historic if possible, and also United wants to send a definitive message to the world that they returned.

As I see it 50-50 (and that for the preseason of Madrid), and now a little by that famous phrase about the Germans and football, if you know what I mean, I choose for Real Madrid football is a sport of eleven against eleven, and the finals ... almost always won by Madrid.
Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero