They never go out of style

To thank an action, to say good morning, or to ask permission are rules of courtesies that never go out of fashion. Speaking in a proper tone of voice, not using obscene words, giving up your seat on public transport to older people, pregnant women and those with disabilities, and holding the door open for those who come behind are also rules that demonstrate a good education.


Nowadays the use of cellular telephony is also against these good habits because when the device sounds, we are going to pick it up, interrupting then and not paying attention to the person with whom we were talking at the time.

Making a polite conversation when you pay for something is not frequent. Saying you’re welcome and giving thanks should accompany us in our day to day, regardless of age or sex. You will probably have noticed on the streets and avenues that people's manners are not what they used to be.


Courtesy standards are designed to improve human relationships and social connections. Words have weight and power, so we must measure what we are going to say at every moment and always take into account decent compliments because the voice is the power of ideas.


Being pleasant, but above all, listening before speaking is essential to show a good formal education that far from embarrassing us when using it, the little use in these days, is a sample of culture and identity and that even though the years pass should not to be absent.


Schools also play their role for the benefit of all, but the divergence between the educational center and society outside of it should be complemented in order to use courtesy at all times.

Translated by Ada Iris Guerrero